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Int'l School Students

International schools are more suitable for students with divergent thinking who are active and outgoing, who like to cooperate and communicate with others. International schools in Singapore mainly follow IB, AP and IGCSE educational systems. Their teaching styles are dynamic and the curriculum setting flexible. They lay more stress on cultivating students' capacity for innovation and their hobbies, with a heavy emphasis on students' creativity and learning experience. Due to their different backgrounds, their proficiency in speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language varies quite a lot, and there are also huge differences in personality, characteristics and learning attitudes, unlike typical local school students. I aim to follow this model and to nurture them in my curriculum as good communicators, risk-takers, thinkers and explorers rather than just as silent listeners. Research shows that teenagers learn best when they see the relevance of what they are studying and truly enjoy the lessons, leading to higher levels of motivation, allowing them to pursue higher goals. Hence, I strive to instil fun in my teaching and to incorporate some Chinese pop culture into the lessons for my teenage students.

Alice is an exceptional teacher. At the beginning of the year, the best I could hope for was a passing grade. Now, I am exceeding my own and my parent’s expectations and am flourishing. She makes learning this complicated and intricate language fun and dynamic. I wouldn’t change my tutor for the world. She has truly helped me grow.”

Anya, OFS International School Students

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