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About Me


I am a Singapore Chinese who has lived in Southeast Asia for decades. I am a Digital Media Art graduate who studied Chinese education at NTU before. I especially love history, animation, travel and photography. I think the knowledge in books is not enough, as life is never a lifeless book, any study too separated from the real-life is pointless, any education that makes students lose the ability to think is futile. So I always encourage my students to go out and see the world as much as possible, to explore the truth, to enrich their feelings, to discover the beauty of the world, and to feel the joy of life.

Because of my great passion for Chinese culture and the environment I grew up in, I chose to be a private Chinese tutor, specializing in how to improve students' writing, expression skills, stimulate and maintain their interest in the Chinese Language.


Over the years, I have been tutoring students in different industries and with different needs.


After years of hard work and expertise, I created this website. I hope it will not only establish my services, but also become a window for cultural exchanges, a bridge between eastern and western, and a platform to express our unique histories, ideas and values.

Teaching has allowed me to feel more relaxed and happier than ever before. The feeling of being a teacher and a friend will make you feel relieved and free from misconceptions and prejudices about the Chinese world. If you are someone who wishes to explore the Chinese language, I welcome you with open arms!

I believe each student is Unique & Different

With Kira
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