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Adult Students


Adults tend to have a clear idea of what they want and to use every opportunity to learn hands-on. They learn foreign languages to adapt to political and economic changes or to meet the demands of social interaction. 


For Adults, Learning content when presented in daily scenarios is easier to comprehend. For example, one can integrate the learning content into the system or field they work in so that they can directly apply what they have learned in real-life scenarios. Their understanding often requires a combination of cooperation and practical strength. Through the use of such elements, they hope to gain an understanding of knowledge through effective dialogue. Age has an influence on 2nd language acquisition. 2nd language learners of different ages have different advantages. Some older students can also achieve higher language proficiency because they learn a language not as part of school or family obligations, but as a choice. The fundamental factor affecting the success of second language acquisition is the length of learning time, rather than the early or late beginning of study.


I feel the biggest difficulty for adults in language learning is listening and speaking because adult foreign language courses usually pay more attention to reading and writing, and it is difficult to get enough practice for speaking in class. But another advantage adults have is a knowledge of the importance of grammar and syntax from studying their own mother tongue. Because we not only understand sentence structure, but we also know when and where to use it. In addition, the rich experience of adults can help them analyze and relate patterns during language development. 

The optimal age to learn a foreign language has always been debated, but it's important to remember that the brain is malleable, and everyone can still learn new things. We may never achieve perfect pronunciation, but our life experience and understanding of the world can help us go further in our learning.

And always remember, age is just a number!

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